What breed is for you? Some of my favs

Out of curiousity I took a Breed test yesterday; the test was to see which breed would be best suited to me. It was sent to one of my groups so I thought; "let's just see." The questions were very general; I wondered who thought up the test. Was it someone who thought they knew the best questions to ask or someone who thought they'd figured this out in a scientific manner.

Once I finished the very few questions; presto A BICHON. A Bichon is the dog for me; a perfect fit. NOT! "What?" Not that I have anything against Bichon but it is not a breed that I would ever consider for myself; even if they do sort of look like an overcoated poodle. No; I'm not a Bichon type of gal.

My first love was Dobermans and I adore them to this day. I love their temperament and the look of them; I have met very few Dobermans that I wouldn't want to bring home with me. Next of course is my breed of choice; the standard poodle. I've had them for 25 years now and I'm not about to change my love for them. I love standards for their intelligence; their abillity to perform in any activity you'd like to do with them and the non shed is a bonus.

My love of poodles is not the typical "poodley thing," I'm not a fan of the "poodle" look. It is infact an identity given to them by humans; poodles are nothing like the poofy exterior that they wear. Standard poodles are very much a utility breed; strong, athletic, amazingly intelligent and great guard dogs.

My own poodles wear a variety of clips; mostly depending on my mood as I groom myself. They can usually be seen in a very short, naturally dried and very curly look all over. There are never any pom poms. Right now they have about an inch all over because it is hot in the day and cold at night, I don't want to leave them with nothing yet I don't want them to suffer in the heat with a huge coat.

I more regularly keep their face and feet shaved for personal hygiene. They do alot of hiking, playing in the water and general mucking around so it keeps more dirt outside and less dirt on their face. To really love a breed you must love what is inside more than the exterior I believe. There are dogs that I love the look of but wouldn't want to live with and dogs that I'm not keen on the look of but love whats inside.

I love so many different breeds; I meet so many dogs in my line of work that it is almost a monthly routine to add another breed to my "thinking about getting" list. Some fit into the "not keen on the look" category but once I get to know them; I'm smitten.

Some of my favorite breeds are:

Standard poodle, no duh!
English Pointer
Jack russell
Bull Terrier

Believe me, these are just a few on a very large list.

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  1. Hi Sherrie,

    I have taken the breed test also, and while I don't remember the result, it couldn't have been further from the mark. Your list of fav's is interesting. That is why there are so many breeds...different strokes. On my list, I'd also have Standard Poodles...I'm a big fan. But also there would be Shelties, Setters (Gordon and English), Salukis, Afghan Hounds and Pomeranians! Mine all have to have hair, and lots of it!


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