Dog wash day

The dogs have been due for a bath for about a week now but because of Luke being sick I haven't had time. Normally everyone gets done at the same time and all the beds get washed then as well; so that everything and everyone is nice and clean. Not only did they get bathed yesterday Tilley got her hair cut and Luke will be done today.

Rounding them up for their turn in the shower can be tricky; none like to have a bath which is pretty typical. Jessie is the easiest of course because she is small; 15 lbs to be exact. So as I get the shampoo and the towels ready everyone is watching. I just scoop her up; she basically doesn't have a choice. She is done in no time and outside to dry in the sun; yesterday was in the high 80s; a good day for a bath.

Bringing Jessie out of the bathroom I realized that Luke was already stressed about it. I could see him laying beside my husband watching my every move; he wants to know when he needs to make a run for it. All the dogs are very good about being bathed; I've never had a dog who fought me about being bathed. But each one tries to avoid the situation.

After tossing Jessie out into the sun I quickly decided to do Tilley next; she was laying on the couch in the familyroom which is right beside the bathroom where I was washing them. She made a quick attempt at going through the dog door but was stopped in her tracks; there was no choice for her. Tilley has a very dense curly coat which holds water like a sponge; she takes the longest to bathe due to the length of time it takes to get the shampoo out of her.

Once she is done; I just open the bathroom door for her and let her out the side of the house. The bathroom is situated perfectly for dog washing. Now it was Luke's turn and he knows it; as I walk upstairs to get him his eyes start darting for an escape route. He has been lying beside the diningroom table where my husband had been working on his laptop; not a usual place for Luke to lay. He tried making a run for it behind the table but there is no way out that way and my son grabbed him for me.

Usually I just grab the dogs scruff and guide them downstairs; my dogs don't wear collars in the house, ever. Until Luke they all just follow me to the bathroom; but Luke is a much more sensitive guy so I wrap a towel around his chest and off we go. He doesn't fight but doesn't come happily either. Sometimes he is trembling when he gets into the shower; you would think he was about to be tortured. No trembling yesterday; he is very good and is done quickly.

Luke has an amazingly soft and luxurious coat, not very curly and not what is desired for the show ring but it is much easier to rinse out than Tilley's and when it is blown dry and fluffy, pure heaven to snuggle with. Once done he too is let out to partially dry. Luke like the other dogs goes crazy when he is wet but for some reason he looks alot crazier.

With those long legs of his he charges around ready to attack anything that moves. We have a post bathing ritual that he loves; I try to towel dry him and he does his best to attack the towel. I charge everyone up for a good romp to start the drying process and then they all lay enjoying the warm sun on them until it is their turn for the dryer.

Tilley had the works yesterday and is looking beautiful; Luke get's his works today and Jessie; she never gets the works, she's a wash and go gal.

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