Luke was at an Advanced specialty care veterinarians yesterday; the type of place you go for the high tech type surgical procedures. I didn't realize until I walked into the facility that it was indeed the same place I had taken Jessie some 6 1/2 years ago to have a Plasma transfusion. Not many regular vets carry Plasma.

I remembered when I walked into the place on my first trip with Jessie and thinking "this is going to cost". It's really big and when their are recessed features in the wall with tiny pot lights illuminating vases; uh ya it costs. Funny how my guesstimate works so much better than it did years ago. Maybe way back then I was naive and now I'm cynical.

I remember gasping in disbelief at the price for Jessie's transfusion but yesterday I didn't bat an eye. Not that I didn't think that it was hugely expensive but I was expecting it and had braced myself for it. There is no price you can put on your dog; you do what it takes to make them better and if you can't afford it you figure out how to pay for it later. Alot of places have payment plans now which I think it wonderful; not everyone can fork out thousands of dollars in a single shot, especially these days.

Once I arrived I signed in and sat; it wasn't 2 minutes before someone was commenting on how good Luke was and how adorable he is. I told them he was being unusually good, but I guessed that he was getting use to it now. They told me about their GSD; the husband was actually compelled to tell me every detail of this GSD and the past GSDs he has owned. He also informed me that if you get a registered AKC dog that you are guaranteed that you're dog won't have Hip Dysplasia. "Really!" I exclaimed and he assured me that the GSD breeders here in America are on top of it. ;)

So anyway then our conversation was cut short and we were ushered into our room. We saw the vet, had Luke's blood drawn and then we sat. I didn't mind sitting with Luke but I didn't know what we were waiting for. The techs that took his blood said that they would let the vet know they drew the blood and then left. I thought I was waiting for the vet to come back to give me more info. As I sat I wondered if they forgot us; it's all about good communciation.

Its a big place so maybe there was some crossed wires somewhere and here we sit. Just as I was about to go to the front to see if they had indeed forgot us; the receptionist peeked in and said "you're still in here?" Uh yep, we've been waiting for I'm not sure what. So off she went to see what she could find out. Then the PR lady showed up and told me it would be 15 min. then they would come and get Luke. She thought I had wanted to stay with Luke instead of having them take him. I assured her I did and I didn't mind waiting but no one told me anything so I was left pondering in the room for an hour.

I'm big on communication; I like it in dogs and think it is essential in humans. A lack of communciation leads to all sorts of problems. I always like to know what is on my clients minds; questions, problems or just not getting something. Tallk to me people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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