Crumbs on the bed?

Check out these crumbs; any guesses who left these crumbs on my bed? Luke; that's who and in a moment I will be throwing Jessie up there to clean up the mess. Each morning before my dogs get up they get at least one cookie each. I do not like to have to feed the dogs immediately upon my rising so this gives me wiggle room. I also don't like to create a stringent routine that the dogs cannot bend from.

Most humans would get a severe scolding for leaving this pile of crumbs in the bed; note also the white hairs in the mix (if you can see them.) I keep a sheet on my bed; of course covering the beautiful comforter I bought that matches my room beautifully. But you would have not seen it because it is under the "dog" sheet. But this one sheet allows me to chill about messes like this pile of crumbs. I quickly roll it up and shake it over my balcony for the peasant mice to feast on.

If you are a clean freak then it is definitely difficult to have a great and enjoyable life with dogs. I prefer to have my home set up so that I don't have to worry about things like that. Dirt doesn't bother me; instead of worrying about the dirt, we should all worry more about how not to worry about it. For one; I believe that wall to wall carpeting is one of the worst inventions EVER. In my dream home it would all be gone.

Yes I like the comfy feeling under my feet but having had three children and 8 dogs over my married life so far; carpet is stupid. There are so many things to worry about in this big world of ours; material things should not be one. I once worked with a lady who had two pitbull mixes. When I got to the house they were in the tiny matchbox sized yard. As we spoke about the problems these dogs were having she charged outside and yelled at one of the dogs for stepping on the grass????????????????Uhhhhhhhhhh, what? Apparently she had new grass and the dogs were not to set foot on it.

Kids = dirt, dogs = dirt and life definitely = dirt. Learning to shake off dirt is a much better way to channel your energy than worrying about the dirt. Hey if there were no crumbs in my bed; it would mean that there were no cookie crunching dogs in my bed.

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  1. I love this post! Thanks for a good chuckle...and so true.


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