Get'n the creeps

I had the dogs down in the canyon yesterday; it's where we let'm rip. But; since a lady several miles away got savagely attacked by a cougar I'm sort of creeped out about going down alone. Even with my poodles both being at the 50 lb size; Cougars are alot bigger. Several weeks ago a coyote stalked the dogs while my husband ran them; afterall Jessie is a nice morsel at 15lbs.

So when I'm down in the canyon now; I have my pepper spray and I am very aware. Nothing is taking any of my dogs for a meal. The good thing about the canyon right now is the dryness; all along the edge of the pathway is long dry grass. Even the slightest movement from a bird makes alot of noise; this let's me know if anyone is watching us.

As my favorite quote says "quit while you're ahead" and I did. We left after a short 20 min romp. Tilley is really slowing down and rarely runs; Jessie is attached to me by her extension leash and Luke is our scout out ahead. He runs back and forth and back and forth so he gets lots of exercise in 20 min.

I much prefer to be joined by my hubby in the canyon; but I do pity the animal that messes with this vicious canine guardian and her dogs.

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