Liver Biscotti sprinkles

I'm still laughing; funny how things seem quite normal until you see it through someone else's eyes. Lastnight as I was preparing supper for the dogs; sweet potato, ground turkey, ground beef, brown rice, apple and cucumber my husband was sitting at the table. We were talking during the preparation and feeding process. As usual Luke decided to only have a couple of bites.

I thought long and hard "what can I put on it?" I then remembered the Biscotti, Liver Biscotti sprinkles to be exact. Some smart person decided to collect all the crumbs from the liver Biscotti and sell them in sprinkle form. Smart, smart. So I asked Luke if he wanted me to put some Liver Biscotti sprinkles on his food? He followed me over and before I hit the bowl; my husband said "YOU HAVE LIVER BISCOTTI SPRINKLES?" The tone that the question came out with was that of unbelieving.

I thought about it and laughed; I guess that sounds pretty weird if you're a normal person. For me it is just another ingredient in my arsenal of "how to get Luke to eat."

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