Vet visit

Yesterday Tilley went to the vet; she does indeed have some type of infection of her bladder. She is on antibiotics which already started working and I had a goodnight sleep as did she. She infact is still sleeping sound right below me in her bed. She was an angel of course; although her level of trembling was off the charts when we first got there.

She get's the tip off as soon as she is the only one in the car. I have tried to change this behavior by taking her fun places alone but she just seems to have it figured out somehow. So when I open up the back hatch of my Xterra she is a quivering mass. Once in it takes a longtime for her to lower the trembling level and she never completely stops until we leave.

She had a couple of her growths checked out. A needle was put into them to draw what was inside; one drew nothing, the other a white substance that has been sent off to the labs. She is so good; they can do anything to her and she doesn't flinch; sort of the complete opposite of Luke.

On the way home we made a quick stop at The Lazy Dog Cafe to meet my husband for lunch. Of course Tilley was a perfect angel again; never left her mat that I brought for her and enjoyed my hummus appetizer. The waitress brought her a bowl of water that she didn't touch (she never drinks away from home). She had many admirers "look at the beautiful poodle". She is looking very poodley right now as she just got her face clipped and is in fuller coat with the cooler weather.

Tilley has one of the most beautiful faces, I have to say. Not that I am her Mom or anything; she is simply gorgeous and because of this I like to keep her face shaved more than furface Luke who looks adorable with a teddybear face. Tilley will be going back for a needle in the bladder test after she finishes these meds to make sure that it has killed everything. She's had it done often and is a trooper. I tell ya if someone stuck a needle into my stomach with no freezing; I'd probably rip their arm off.

May your last day of 2008 bring hope for a wonderful 2009. :)

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