Nearly time

Well tonight is Christmas Eve; I love it. I only have dog gifts to wrap; yes I wrap them and they love opening them. The only bad thing that has come from this is that Luke thinks that every gift or package that comes in the house is now his. He loves to help everyone open presents; and he's pretty good about not eating any of the paper.

I'm going to keep my small camera nearby tomorrow when it is time for the dogs to unwrap and hopefully I'll get some good footage and pics of them opening their gifts. They adore new toys; not that they need anymore with two overflowing toy baskets already. I think it makes me happier than them when they get new toys. Dogs; like small children would be just as happy with the box ;)

We are planning on a nice quiet day; relaxing and getting last minute things done. Our Christmas Eve tradition is to eat at Orange Hill, not having family here we've had to adjust. Last year I brought home an actual "doggie bag" with Filet Oscar for the dogs. They were some happy.

I have breakfast to prepare for my bunch and then that's about it; until I think about something I forgot of course.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

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