Great Christmas, quiet Boxing Day

We had a wonderful Christmas, all the kids were home which makes me and the dogs very happy. The dogs love when everyone is home; it's really obvious by the elaborate greetings everyone gets and the magnitude of snuggling. We had our Christmas Eve dinner at Orange Hill which was fabulous and enjoyed the blustery cold weather all day yesterday.

We are having a nice relaxing and quiet Boxing Day. For those American readers; Boxing day is the day after Christmas and an official holiday in Canada. One that I think is a must, especially for those who make the Christmas Dinner ;)

My daughters and I took the three dogs for a nice brisk walk, it's gloriously chilly out. Then to Starbucks for a Christmas coffee and home to get some cookies for the dogs, and us. Having given Luke a bath before Christmas it was Jessie and Tilley's turn. My husband offered to do Jessie and opted to do her in the sink; whatever. She didn't seem to mind much and it sure saves the back.

I just finished the arduous task of blow drying Tilley. I really have to order my real grooming dryer. She looks great; quite the fluff ball. I have turkey soup simmering on the stove and I am now looking for a nice bottle of wine to open and sit by the fire; I love Boxing Day.

Happy Boxing Day to all my Canadian Readers. ;)


  1. I would like to hear more about Boxing Day. It must be celebrated in other countries too (just not the US). What is the origin of "Boxing" day?


    You can have a look at this but there doesn't seem to be an actual answer to Boxing day history. I love it; it is the day after Christmas when everyone just chills. It is relaxing; especially for me after a day of cooking in the kitchen. I will always keep it as boxing day no matter where I live.


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