Please control your dogs

Above are two great friendly labs I photographed at a dog park; not the two from this blog.

Yesterday we again took the three dogs for a walk. Although we went to the same park; this time we took a different path, one that is more narrow and doesn't have near the amount of grass around it for poor Jessie and her allergies. With the path being narrow, passing other dogs can be an issue. The issue is mostly Jessie.

Jessie loves to act tough; she is infact a very tough cookie. But as the guardians of this little tank engine we must protect her from herself. At 15 lbs she is much smaller than alot of dogs. She is very bossy being a Jack Russell and all and not every dog is okay with being pushed around by a tiny bitch.

As we started our way down the path yesterday a lady with two out of control labs was out in front. Clearly she had lost all control and the labs were doing what they liked. Calling and calling to her labs; who gave her absolutely no acknowledgement, it was like she wasn't even there.

I had the poodles and my husband had Jessie; the enforcer. He quickly reined her in as the two rogue labs charged us. They were friendly in a pushy, forceful and in your face sort of way. None of which goes over well with Jessie. She immediately started her growling and nashing which caught the boys attention. Which is when she got her quick ride into my husbands arms.

The boys had their hair up and were now getting a little too over excited. With Jessie's attempt to control the lab beasts now squelched by being hoisted into the protective arms of my hubby, Luke took over. Feeling very much like the man in charge he was on his toes. Luke is very good with other dogs but was finding these two unruly brown boys to be a little much.

The labs were off leash and causing quite commotion. There was alot of low muffled growling going on; the boys were being boys and Luke was taking them up on their challenge. He was not about to let these two hoodlums hassle his family. The guardian of these dogs of course saw nothing wrong with the out of control havoc that her dogs were causing and slowly meandered over still attempting to call them.

Watching the utter lack of control that this woman had over her dogs told of many repeat scenarios. When you know that your dogs don't listen to you; best to not take them off leash in public unfenced areas. With all the swirling, growling, hair up and tip toe walking it made for a not so great start to our walk. Very annoying actually.

Once the woman finally put leashes on her dogs we were able to pass and continue our walk. Now that everyone was super charged and ready to rumble; all but Tilley that is. She just wanted nothing to do with any of it.

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