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Being a dog lover and a photographer I see "a shot" in dogs on a daily basis. Like anyone else who has dogs; your camera is never in your hand when you want it. Last fall I finally bought myself a small palm camera; the Canon Powershot (I'm a Canon gal). It's dark brown; although several people have said "what a cute purple camera," so I guess it is more plum color. Anyhow, I love it.

It allows me to get shots that I wouldn't normally get because I try to keep it on me always. As much as I love it, it is still just a point and shoot so it often frustrates me as I'm use to my big camera and big lense. My big lenses let me get in, really close. I never have to look far or wait long during a shoot to get "the shot."

I see dogs as art to start with, their expression, posture and coat all lend themselves to great photos. I'm sure many of the people in my photo groups have seen more than enough dog shots from me; I never grow tired of looking at them. I do grow bored of looking at other type images, say people for instance. It is all in where your passion lies.

My passion is dogs, it always has been and always will be. When I am out with dogs; whether they are mine or not I can often be heard making audible groans sounds. This is the sound of a missed shot; I hate it. There are always shots that you'd love to get; patience is a virtue. On Monday I got just one of those "wait for shots," during my litter shoot.

I have maybe a dozen images in my files that I classify as "special." I keep these shots for use somewhere down the road. They are all natural dog shots; I like candids. I am not a set up pose photographer although I have had to pose dogs sometimes I much prefer the end result from a natural shot.

Dogs are naturally art to me, there is no need to change a thing.

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