It's Friday yet again; weeks literally fly by don't they? The poodles and I had a great walk yesterday; always nice to find a new place to walk. Although Luke decided to pull a new one on me; he was acting out of the ordinary and vomited twice, pure white foam. I have only seen this type of substance come out of a dog when I have induced vomiting with peroxide (in Jessie) and never out of Luke.

So for most of the walk I had a question mark coming out of my head. I fed him early and a regular breakfast, nothing our of the norm. What I am thinking though is that he got himself into a state of excitement. This was a new place to walk but it was very similar to another place we walk, Salt Creek. And it is at Salt Creek that he becomes out of control with excitement over squirrels. He was diving into the bushes alot during our walk and it wasn't until the end of our walk that I thought about the similarities.

His first upchuck was out of the way on the grass, still it turned a few stomachs. But the second one as luck would have it was just two feet infront of a nice older couple sitting on a park bench enjoying the oceanview. I tried to rush Luke past the couple but he had planted his feet and was in puke posture. Gggraaaaacccchhhhhhh; out it came, a monumentous amount of white foam vomitus. Nice.

I was in the process of apologizing when the lady told me to watch that his leash didn't get into the mass. "How nice" I thought to myself. So much to the disgust of anyone within visual range I attempted to clean it up, not an easy task. I did my best and we were on our way. We finished up our walk which was very enjoyable. Our little poodle group always cause quite a stir and we are regularly photographed by people who enjoy the poodle parade.

Once home Luke had a snack and then later ate his dinner like a champ, no upset, nothing. He is fine this morning and sleeping curled up at the end of the bed. He along with the girls has had his morning snack and has gone back to bed.

Time for me to get going, lot's to do. Have a great Friday.

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