Back at it

Ahhhhh, 5 am came way too early this morning. Over the holidays we tend to sleep until the natural wake up time; around 7 so I'm not happy about this 5 wake up call. The world gets back at it today, right? Everything swings into gear and we are off on another year.

The dogs are sleeping, they don't do 5 in the morning anymore. Jessie stirred only long enough to rearrange her little cave bed and dove quickly back in. They will all sleep as long as I allow them, which will not be long this morning. I have to get up and get cooking, I've got a pile of gizzard to get into the oven this morning and then much after Holiday clean up to do.

Yesterday we enjoyed the last day of the holidays. We went off roading in my xterra around 10 and then spent the rest of the day undecorating. Only Jessie accompanied us off roading, it's a rough ride and the poodles find it difficult to keep their footing, understandably. Jessie was kept wrapped tightly in a dog throw in the passengers arms. Even in her safe cacoon she is still flying around. The passenger was my hubby on the way in and me on the way out. But what a blast and now my truck is filthy, nice.

The rest of the day was out back where we were decked to the nines. Funny how all the dogs are so different; Luke is right there no matter what I am doing. He follows me from place to place and just stands and waits. Often he sticks his nose into whatever I'm doing trying to be very much a part of each activity. Tilley is off watching shadows and jessie is curled up in a beam of sunshine by the door.

Once I head into the kitchen to make dinner everyone takes up their usual spot. Jessie and Tilley lay on the bed in the kitchen and Luke is either in the livingroom around the corner or outside on the double chaise where he can see me through the kitchen window. He started this several months ago. Pretty much everyday now when I start to make dinner he goes outside and lays on the lounge. He really is a creature of habit.

After dinner we head downstairs, the dogs wait by the stairs not knowing if I'm going up or down. Once we head down Jessie and Tilley find a spot and curl up; Luke wanders. He gets out a couple of toys, then stands and stares at Tilley for a while. He'd like the spot she chose; but she quickly let's him know it's taken. What he'd really like to do it to come on the couch and curl up with me, being in the same room is not enough for my constant shadow.

The couch is off limits mostly; and this is because of Luke. He is a digger; a constant comfort seeking dog who not only does 27 spins before laying down, he must also fluff. I am constantly stopping his fluffing process, he has put several holes in many of the dog beds. And he doesn't stop there, he attempts to fluff the carpet and my bed. So if I came home one day and he has fluffed the couch enough to make a hole in it? Well, it wouldn't be good for anyone.

Have a great start back to the New Year and give all of your dog/dogs and big hug and kiss for me.

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