The breeds we choose

Ever wonder what makes us choose the dogs we choose? I wonder when I look at people with a breed that I'm not fond of, or when I hear people raving over a breed that might be the last on my list of dogs to choose. Then there are the people who just plain love dogs; big, small, smooth coat, long and fluffy, whatever.

I have to say that I love just about all dogs; I love the big ones, small, smooth, rough and everything in between. I love that I get to meet so many dogs as well; often I meet a breed that I have yet to meet in person and love getting to know the breed personally. Each breed has certain traits that makes them desirable or undesirable to some.

Obviously it is the inside of the dog that matters most but it is the outside that we see first, isn't it. And like any other human you can like or dislike the look of a dog. Looks are not a big factor for me and I truly go for what's inside. Strange that I have poodles; they are probably one of the most misunderstood breeds that there is. Ask anyone and they roll their eyes; "oh you have poodles."

Yes lots of people have poodles or get a poodle because of the "poodle" look. That pom pom, majestic looking creature that looks like they should be walking down a runway. This also turns many people off of poodles; but if you've never actually met a poodle you are truly missing out. You can continue to roll your eyes if you like now, if you are not a poodle person.

The breed that started it all for me was a Doberman, love the breed. When I was small my absolute favorite was the Irish Setter and just the other day I passed a lady walking a Gordon Setter and an English Setter which you don't see around often. I adore the personality filled Bulldogs, love the gentleness of an Irish, Wolfhound, I have come to really like German Shepherds and I love to meet great mixed breeds.

I met a Saint bernard mix several years back that was by far one of the coolest dogs I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. So for me it's much more about what's inside. Sort of like meeting guys, often you meet a hotty and the minute they open their mouth they go down many notches. But meet an average looking guy who has an amazing personality and they now surpass the other guy leaps and bounds on the hot meter.

We are obviously attracted to exterior first, but to know a dog truly you must look past that and focus on what's inside. Many secrets lie waiting to be discovered beyond a great exterior.

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