Fat dogs

We are all talking about weight as of late. It's pretty typical being that it is January. January is the resolution month, right? Well I'm right there with ya'll this year and just joined 24hr fitness after a long hiatus. It feels great and I'm really looking forward to getting back into shape. So this morning after much pondering; I had a little writers block, I have decided to blog about fat dogs. Having had my guys at the vet more often lately they've been on the scale alot. Tilley has amazed me with her weight; at the age of almost 12 she weighs the same as she did at 2 years old. 47lbs; give or take a pound over 12 years, pretty spectacular. Why can't I be the same weight that I was when I was 18? Okay back to dogs.

Luke fluctuates a small amount 3-4 pounds up or down but my weight concerns for him are how to keep it on him. He will never be heavy unless something drastic changes over the years. I was recently asked if Luke is a good eater when he is offered something that appeals to him? My answer? Nope. And just yesterday having given him his favorite breakfast of a raw beef ; there laying in his bowl after he left the kitchen was a handful of raw beef. What kind of dogs leaves raw beef? Luke, that's what kind.

Having a fat dog is no fun; no fun for the dog and no fun for the guardian. Fat dogs overheat easily, succumb to ailments like arthritis, pancreatitis which can then lead to diabetes, a much shorter lifespan and a whole list of other health issues. It's just not fair; and it's all our fault when it happens. Dogs rely solely on us for their exercise and food consumption. Often a dog is simply given too many bon bons, other times it may be a lack of exercise.

But unfortunately just like us when we become overweight it is a nasty cycle. Dog is fat so they can't exercise. Dog is overweight resulting in joint problems which cuts down on their ability to exercise. So whether it is too much food or too little exercise it is an easy fix. Get out there and exercise or control your dogs food intake, that's it. Pretty simple eh?

If you have a fat dog it is your fault, not your dogs. When I see a dog that is younger than my guys but looks and acts much older because of excessive weight; it makes me sad. Sad that this particular dog does not get to have as much fun as they should be having.

My Jack Russell's weight is much more of a balancing act. One because she will eat anything in sight and two because she is small. It takes much less food to fatten her up so I am constantly aware of her mid-section. All dogs should have a wasteline and if yours doesn't; chances are they are carrying too much weight. Can you feel their ribs with a very small amount of sponge on them? Or do you have to dig and still can't find them?

What an easy job to keep your dog fit. Now as far as I'm concerned? I gotta get to the gym ;)

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