Not all dogs communicate so well

The first words I heard this morning were "Sher, watch it." I wasn't even awake but these word take me from a deep sleep to awake; fast. "What?" "Jessie crapped and puked." Don't you just love waking up to that sort of news? I know I do. But for some reason I was blessed with a very tough stomach so the news is not as bad for me as it may be for some. But none the less it is not good news to start off my day.

Funny, lastnight before bed I had one of my weird feelings. For some reason I thought about getting Jessie's crate out. And as my husband has told me several times now "don't ignore those feelings." I shouldn't have and now I pay the price. I'm not sure what Jessie got into or if she may be sick; it is always the question. But the answer 99.9% of the time is something she ate.

She is obviously not a communicator; the only heads up I would get from her at night is if she had been sleeping on my bed. She would have jumped off and that alone would tell me something is up. Although if she had been in her crate she would whine and paw at the door; she doesn't want to mess in her crate. This enables me to get her out before we have a mess. But she doesn't mind messing on the other side of the room from her bed and will crawl right back into her little cave bed once she's done.

But my poodles speak volumes if they need out at night. I've discussed Tilley's moaning before; she makes a closed mouth groaning noise. A noise that is an unmistakable communication. Luke is a springboard communicator; he hurls himself ontop of my husband and then immediately leaps off the bed. He will repeat this athletic move as many times as needs be and thankfully it is always on my husbands side. Once on the ground he stands 1" from the door staring until you open it. So these are my poodles means of communications; Jessie offers none.

So this morning I quickly rounded up the troops and we moved downstairs. I need to wake up before I handle this. Instead of coffee in bed it is coffee infront of the fire under my amazing wolf like fur blanket that my husband gave me for Christmas. I'm kind of a blanket fiend. Dogs are nestled infront of the fire and all is well; down here that is.

It is now time to face the music as they say; wish me luck. Thank goodness I have a steam cleaner. Hope your Friday starts better than mine.

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