It Came!!!!!!!!

It came; even though I just ordered it late Sunday afternoon it came yesterday afternoon. I was in the livingroom when I thought I heard a truck out front; the delivery guy is suppose to ring the bell at least, but nothing. I thought I'd check anyway and sure enough; there was a big Pet Edge box, yes.

First I took out my new brush, nail clippers which I seem to have to buy alot of. These things get dull quickly but when they are sharp; they work great. Then the package of free sample size shampoo and cream rinse; which I would use try immediately. And last but not least was this my new dryer.

I wanted to try it immediately but yesterday was crazy. I waited all afternoon for the washing machine guy; I've been without a washing machine for 2 weeks now, fun. So when he finally arrived I was thrilled; but it only took him minutes to tell me that it wasn't the machine, it was the drain. WHAT? I was so happy to be having my machine back and get the piles of laundry done. Okay; gotta get a plumber here ASAP.

I called my plumbers and amazingly they could come right away. Once we got all that fixed and I had my first load in the machine I just had to try my new dryer. Tilley has been needing a haircut for a couple of weeks so into the shower she went. The dryer is amazing; you can literally feel the water fly off of the coat. She now resembles a gray cottonball and is headed to the grooming table this morning.

The dryer is a bit loud but my guys are well use to being blown dry so not a big deal. They all sort of startled when I first turned it on but that was it. I've had standards for 25 years and now I have a great dryer, about time eh?

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