Thursday morning - This and that

Good morning; I'm happy about the weather this morning. A high of 62, overcast and chance of rain :) Yes, finally a little bit of winter weather, winter for Southern California that is. Back home they are having real winter weather. We may not be knee deep in snow and dealing with freeze your face off cold but it is indeed winter here in SoCal.

Puppy season is just around the corner, back home May and June were the big puppy month. But for us we always tried to get our puppies in the winter. Winter is by far the easiest time to housetrain a puppy. Take away all the smells of spring, the warmth of a spring sun and you have housetraining in a snap. The cold, the snow and the wind help make your job easy. You take a puppy out in the cold and presto, you're back in the house in a flash. Living in Canada and having puppies in the winter is where my "hurry up" word came from. Standing out in a blizzard or ice storm, "hurry up" sounds like a reasonable request.

I don't like to take my poodles coats off completely in the winter here because although it may be in the 80s during the day; it get's much colder at night. We do our best to cover them up but of course they get up and move around at night and off go the covers. So at the moment Luke has a full coat and Tilley has a very beautiful gray plush velvet coat. Thanks to my new dryer and she was groomed yesterday. This weekend will be Luke's turn, not sure if he is going to like the dryer or not.

Jessie is going to the vet's tomorrow; she hasn't been in a long while. This will be her first trip to this new vet and she will have a complete blood panel done. We almost lost her 7 years ago do to a severe mystery illness; but we have been blessed to have her now years after her horrible ordeal. She's in good health, her hearing is going a bit and she sleeps much more sound but she's good.

If the rains hold off for a while today I'll take the poodles down to the beach. Jessie had a big walk yesterday at her favorite park; she was pretty tuckered by the end. After the beach I'll hit the gym, it feels really great to be lifting again, its been a while. Once home from the gym it will be a little ear plucking for Tilley, nails for all three and a bit more teeth scraping for Miss oldie (Jess)

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