Making them smile

I love to make my dogs happy. I mean what is better than a waggy tail and a big smile from your pooch? So I am often thinking of things to make them happy, toys make them happy......all of them. They are all very different in what they do with their toys but getting news ones puts everyone in a good mood.

Yesterday I was out getting my little JRT some chicken for her not so great tummy. On the way I thought I'd pop into Old Navy to see if they had some x-mas toys on sale. You see I always buy toys on sale; in this house they are destroyed quickly and as much as I like to make them all happy, I don't like wasting my money. So, into Old Navy I go and they did have toys on sale. From 7.50 now 1.99; that's what I like to see. So I scooped up 6; I'll probably go back and get more today.

Then onto the grocery store where I look like quite the carnivore going through the cash. Everyone is always looking; I mean just because I'm buying 4 beef roast, 3 packs of chicken breast and 4 packages of liver? Oh, and a box of chamomile tea........funny. At other times it is all the meat and a package of veggie strips; that looks weird.

Once home and through the door I am faced with three very happy dogs. The first thing they know is that I have bags of meat, raw meat. Then I ask them "what did Mommy buy?" This is the statement that sends everyone over the edge; they don't know what it is but they know it is for them. Calmly removing the tags they sit and wait. One for Jessie; she darts off like a bullet. One for Tilley; who takes forever to actually take the toy from my hand, Miss polite she is. And one for Luke; who's pupils are dilated and he wastes no time snatching and running.

None of the dogs are toy guarders, except from each other that is. There is no growling, just a frozen posture that lets the other dogs know the toy is not up for grabs. Jessie is happily nibbling on her toy, Tilley softly mouthing and Luke's tail hasn't stopped wagging as he sqeaks away to his delight.

Me, I sit and watch with a big smile on my face.

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