The cleanup, not pretty, not for the sensitive stomach

No I don't have a sensitive stomach, not like my husband. I believe that there has to be someone in a family who doesn't get queazy or gag about cleaning up the gross stuff. Otherwise; I can't even imagine otherwise. So in this house that's me; nothing really bothers me and I don't think I've ever gagged in my whole kid and dog life. That I cannot say for most of the other members in this family.

So after having my coffee and waking up; it was cleanup time, nice. I got out all of my equipment, rubber gloves, steam cleaner, cleaning substance, paper towels, bucket, bag and water. First don rubber gloves, next the paper towels. Now, when you attempt to pick up the offending substance you do your best to uplift, not grind in. It is at these special times that I wish I had people; other people to do this. Okay I don't so let's move on.

After you have done your best to scrape the crap off the carpet, you get some cleaning substance and water. Again with paper towels (which I only ever use for puke and crap as they are bad for the environment) you try to clean the surface substance off without further imbedding it into the carpet and worst still the underpadding.

Okay this is where my major gripe is, carpet. Who invented this horrible idea for foot comfort? I hate it; I've been complaining about it for years. Carpet has to be one of the worst inventions ever, wall-to-wall that is. Not the type you can pick up and toss in the machine or bring to the cleaners. We only moved in this home almost 2 years ago and in the near future, there will be no carpet in this house. I mean honestly, kids, dogs and carpet..........hello? Okay, got that out of my system.

Next the steam cleaner which you have hauled out of the garage and filled with special "pet odor" cleaner. It works pretty well but not perfect. Just before using the steam cleaner I pour some good ole vinegar on there. That makes sure that at least some of the smell that reaches the underpadding will be eliminated.

Scrub brush to make sure all those wonderful little fibers are getting covered with cleaner. And then some more steam cleaning. Then the fun of cleaning out the steam cleaner, grunt and groan and complain some more. Then finally; get out the candles and lots of them.

"I love dogs, I love dogs, I love dogs." Have a good one! ; )

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