A rainbow of colors

Many breeds come in an array of colors and patterns; others come in a one size fits all color. But whatever the color it is the dog inside that counts. I am often asked to assist in finding dogs for families. I have a questionnaire that when filled out helps me to know what the people are looking for. If they aren't sure of what breed they want it is these questions we visit first.

Although there are no question of color on my sheet; they tell me anyway. "We would like a white dog, or we would like a red dog." We quickly move on to what do you want in a dog and what are you willing to do for a dog. Let's say pure white is the most important factor for you so far. Okay, the samoyed, bull terrier, poodle, bichon. havanese and many other breeds that now come in white that aren't suppose to. Many of these breeds who now show up in white deal with deaf and blindness which is another topic all together. So there you have a handful of white dogs; not much in common with these dogs is there? Hmmmmmm.

Being that standard poodles are my breed we have a rainbow to choose from. People always contact me saying I want a blue, or a white or a red. What do I tell them? "Go color blind." That's right, forget the color and look for the dog. And I can guarantee whatever color you end up with will be your new favorite color.

There are still people who choose puppies because of the way they look, a cute spot on their tail, the soft blonde one or the jet black puppy with the white patch over their eye. But that tells you absolutely nothing about the dog inside. Sometimes puppies come out the wrong color and this may be a disqualification. Wrong color???? That's right, all standards have color requirements. It has absolutely nothing to do with the dog inside but for some reason they are pushed aside. Breeders often "got rid" of these puppies; which is not so common now adays. More often these "mismarks" are placed in loving family homes and not for show.

So when you are looking for a dog; where should you start? Characteristics, whether that be in a purebred or a mix. You can search for characteristics that you would like in a dog or view characteristics in a particular dog. If you want a couch potato type dog and are set on a black and white dog then best to focus on the couch potato issue. Because border collies are b/w and you aren't going to be happy with one of those.

It comes down to basics; like most things in life. Look beyond the exterior.

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