Up early

I had to get up at 5am this morning to let Tilley out. Not that she herself needed out, I had to let her out so that by the time we got to the vets for her Urine Analysis at 9 her bladder would be partially full again. I'm not use to waking to the alarm; my husband gets up and turns it off every morning so I usually sleep through it. Funny how if you have to get up you hear the alarm though.

So bleary eyed I stumbled down to the kitchen; let her out and then got her some food. She had salmon and oatmeal soup sort of. She is not a big drinker so I filled her bowl with water; she didn't seem to mind and scarfed it down. Now she cannot go out again, not easy. She may have to poop but that's too bad she can't. I hate doing this and this is when I do wish my vet was just around the corner.

So here we sit in my bedroom waiting; waiting until I have to leave which will be earlier than I had thought. The earlier the better at this point so I can get her in and get her back home. She will be a quivering mass by the time we get there; I always know what to expect when I lift the back hatch. As I've said before she knows that she is going to the vets when she goes in the car alone.

Pour girl; she is getting a needle through her stomach and into her bladder. She's had this done often and doesn't even flinch, what a trooper. Dogs are amazing aren't they?

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