Bedroom brawls

Good morning; the dogs are curled up nice and peaceful on the bed, no one is even considering waking up anytime soon. But not all dogs enjoy sleeping on their guardians bed; some simply don't deserve it. "Bed issues" is a common problem with dogs and their guardians. Often the dog claims your bed making you the outsider asking please; that's a leadership issue that I will discuss alot in future blogs. Today it is about dog/dog brawls on the bed.

Have you ever been awaken in the middle of the night and you are right inbetween a dog fight? This is a much more common issue than you would think. Everyone is peacefully asleep when Rover decides to move his position; fine except that Fido owns the spot that Rover is thinking about taking. There are a few growls tossed around, some posturing and it's on. Only you wake up when the fight has already started; leaving you with a "what the heck is going on?" feeling.

Within every pack of dogs there is a "top dog" and it is usually this dog who claims all the valuables. Some top dogs don't mind sharing and only put value on things like raw meaty bones; like my Jessie. But the most important thing to remember is that although there may be an alpha, you must be the supreme leader. So no matter what the alpha is saying; you have the last word.

So how do you reconcile this bedroom brawling issue and get a goodnight sleep? You kick the dogs off the bed; it is as simple as that. But getting them off can be tough, afterall sleeping on your bed is the primo spot right? The easiest way to transition the dogs from your bed to the floor is to buy them their own comfy bed. We have three beds other than ours in our room. As much as I love the dogs sleeping with me, we don't have bed fighting issues but the dogs just interfere wit my sleep. They tend to get as close as they can; usually right behind my knee and there they sleep like a boulder, and it is near impossible to budge them.

I remember several times when my children were young, fights over silly things. There was only one cookie left and neither child was willing to take only half. As I stood for less than a minute listening to the fight the solution was a clear one, I simply ate the cookie. When there is an issue of guarding which is what bedroom brawls stem from; you simply take away the item of value. With alot of work you can reintroduce the item at a later date; sort of a trial and error deal. If you make it clear enough that there is no fighting allowed and position yourself as the clear leader of the pack then it is very possible that you can reintroduce it with success.

When you buy the beds for your dogs; think comfort. The more comfortable the bed is the better chance you have in getting them to use them instead of your bed. From experience; dogs like fuzzy fabrics. The primo beds are either very thick and squishy or they have faux fur or fleece coverings on them. Make sure that all dogs understand and comply with the OFF command. And in the beginning of the switch from your bed to theirs; treat them for using their bed. Everytime you see them in their new bed toss them a tiny treat and praise them for being such a wonderful and smart dog.

Now go have a goodnight sleep.

I asked for questions yesterday and you obliged so this one's for you. Thank you and keep'm coming.

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