Bloggers block and tiny power

Good morning; as I was sitting here trying to come up with my blog idea of the day, it was taking me a while. Often I get bloggers block, happens to everyone I guess. But I thought that if any of regular readers had something they would like discussed; a behavior, an issue or some dog related topic I'd love to hear from you. It happens occassionally that I am stuck for an idea so if I had a list to use on the blocked days that would be great.

The rains have stopped here in SoCal for a bit but they are suppose to return shortly. So I think I'll hit the beach the next couple of days before the rain comes back. The weather is really chilly, low 50s yesterday. As I walked around the park yesterday with my little Jack Russell Jessie; we both enjoyed the nip in the air. Once we pass the halfway mark she is pretty tired and lags. I have to slow my pace to accomodate her little legs and once home she's baffed.

Jessie slept the rest of the day and lastnight as we watched American Idol she was curled up right beside me on her bed with her Anaheim ducks blanket :) Luke was not tired as this is his "up" time. During the day he typically naps and follows my every move but in the evening he is up for fun. He was having fun retrieving a toy until he made the error of stepping on Jessie. From a dead sleep she is flying teeth in a split second.

There is no wondering who is the top dog in this house. Luke immediately realizes his mistake and turns his head to avoid being snapped. But being the clod that he is he does it again; and Jessie is in no mood for his nonsense. She flies at him again with her lips pulled back displaying her full set of very large and scarey teeth.

Luke takes a dominant posture but backs away. He seems to enjoy a good row with her but just doesn't have what it takes to take over. So as the "top dog" I always make him stop, Jessie is a great leader and the best suited for the job right now with these three dogs. Luke............. not so much.

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