Monday and back at it

I'm back home and back at it. I spent the whole day saturday in Pasedena at the Grooming expo. Pretty cool; amazing grooming talent and so many poodles. The grooming world is not my one but it is one with so many degrees of talent. The big winner at the expo was from Calgary, Alberta.

I watched much of the grooming closely trying to pick up any tips that I don't already do in my own grooming. The scissoring was the most impressive and the keen eye for lines. I enjoy scissoring as well but could never do it like these professionals, I tend to get bored quickly with things like that so resort to my clippers ;)

So back home and I got a huge greeting from my poos and JRT. Luke was out with his Dad when I got home so I got a diving greeting from Jessie and a major attack from Tilley. She is always much more subdued when Luke is home because Luke likes to attack her when she gets overly excited. So in his absence she was full of it. She even gave me several big toothy smiles which she does less of in her older age now.

She charged around the backyard like a maniac; so happy to see me. There is truly nothing like the greeting you get from your dogs when you get back home. Jessie was runnning and jumping around the house with a stuffed toy in her mouth and Tilley smilling and charging as well. Once Luke did get home he was a happy boy. He never left my side yesterday and there was lots of snuggling going on.

Glad to be home.

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