Starting off the week

It's a late start to the week; we had yesterday off and it was a mellow one. The rains came just like the weather guy said they would and the dogs took that cue as a hibernation day. They had a big exercise weekend with my hubby and they were all crashed. I have to say that I was pretty crashed myself.

We did go out and look at new vehicles; not all vehicles, only the xterra. I've now been an xterra lover for over 3 years; frankly I don't think that a better utility vehicle exists. I'm in the market for a new one (long story) so we went to make sure that the seat in the new 2009s are the same as the 2005s. I'm short, 5' 1" to be exact so I need a seat that accomodates the shorties.

Today is the day I start to pull my first book together. After much contemplation I have decided to self publish my first dog book. In this economy I knew that my search for a publisher was not going to be any easier than it has been already so the decision was made. I will keep you posted on the work and let you know when it is ready.

When we were out and about yesterday I picked up a new toy for Luke. It is actually for all the dogs but I knew that it would be Luke who tried it out and gave it a good test run. I got it at Homegoods for 6.99 so we will see how long it lasts and if it is worth the money, will let you know the outcome.

When I buy one toy on a trial basis it is difficult to fanegle it into the house. Being that it is made out of Jute it doesn't smell like the typical dog toy so I slipped downstairs and dropped it into the toy box. Whoever finds it first get's first dibbs. You know it was Luke; when he was toy surfing it took him literally one second to find the newcomer. He grabbed it and jumped around the familyroom with it in his mouth.

He immediately began the trial.

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    I look forward to your book...

    Bunny had a squeaky ball she sqeaked for an hour, until I finally threw it down the stairs (she doesn't do stairs)!!!


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