The weight game

Weight is something that everyone seems to think about alot. Especially in the New Year; everyone is on a diet. And it is not only people who are on diets; many dogs are or should be. I had my Jack Russell Jessie out for a walk lastnight trying to burn some calories. Before we got into the car I called her to get her little purple harness on; it was then I thought "have you lost some weight?"

As I brought the waste strap around her mid-section; sure enough if she hadn't lost weight. "You little rat," I thought to myself. Why is it so darn hard for me to drop weight and so easy for our dogs? Lately I'd noticed that Jessie had put on a few; and it only takes a few for a little 15 lb dog to look heavy. Her harness had been getting tight and we had switched to her brown "fat girl" harness. That was the telltale that she needed to drop some weight.

Just like with myself, if my pants get too tight then I watch what I'm eating. I'm not a scale person, no I don't weigh myself. So when Jessie had to step up to the brown harness it was time. I guess it's easier for her because she has a personal chef, someone putting food in front of her to eat. She does not have the ability to snack unless her chef offers her up a low calorie snack. As for me, I tend to give into my cravings.

When Jessie and I walk now; we move. Typically when she goes for a walk she smells, sniffing is her thing. She's not a big runner; she never was. She use to run around more of course when she was younger but scent work has always been her thing. My poodles are much more into running, especially Luke. He loves to run for the sheer pleasure of running and he is a skinny minny.

So Jessie has a waste again; she looks very cute and I am happy to say is back in her purple harness without the bulges.

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