As I said yesterday I finished my first book, it is a coffee table photo book. But now I'm on a roll; I have a training book that is sitting waiting for one last chapter and some images to be complete. I'm going to take a look at it today and get on it. I truly think that this self publishing is the way of the future; after looking at the many books out there that have been published it can be the only way. So many people are constantly rejected (me included) and it is a frustrating thing to have a wonderful book that you can't get out there to share.

I am so glad that I get to share some of my dog photos with others. I have also made the decision to donate partial proceeds to a wonderful dog facility. I will let everyone know where that is once I work out all the kinks. My life has been about dogs since before I even got my hands on a dog at the age of 13. Long before that I was completely enamored by them; all of them.

With many years of experience behind me now I want to give back. What we do in this world during our short stay can have a positive or negative effect. There are so many people that I have met along my voyage who inspire me; people who give to the dogs selflessly. Those who see a dog for what's inside, their chosen task is to help all, all the dogs. They are undaunting in their goal, moving onto each and every new dog and new case ahead of them with drive and perseverance.

Drive and passion can be a wonderful thing when paired with a helping heart.

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