Bad greetings

Yesterday I wrote about greetings, today I'm going to write about bad greetings because we were on the receiving end of one. I had all the dogs out very early, took Jessie to a grassless area for a big hike and found a great new trail that made me feel like I was actually in the woods. I'll go back there definitely. And then I took the dogs over to a familar park but one that we hadn't been at for a while.

I pulled up and there was a token guy boarding across the parking lot and two loose boxers. On a closer look I realized that I knew these dogs, they actually live behind us. We have seen them out before and my dogs have interacted with them. They approached the car as I was trying to get my guys out and the guy didn't seem to be concerned. I let Luke out and then turned to lift Tilley out. With Tilley in my arms I heard the horrible sound of a fight.

Everything happened so fast; I turned with Tilley still in my arms to see Luke hit down to the ground and the larger older of the two on top attacking him. As I placed Tilley down and yelled he got his footing and the second one when after him. This was a matter of seconds, I yelled and quickly approached and the boxer backed off. What the h(*& just happened?

The guy was telling his girls how that was not a nice thing to .................. Um no I'd say it's not a nice thing to do alright. I went over Luke carefully looking for blood but there was none. The guy never apologized; we just walked out separate ways. If this is how your dogs act; do ya think maybe you should have leashes on them? I think so.

Needless to say I was furious and if it were my dogs that had done it? I'd be apologizing my a(* off and I'd be at the guys door with a bottle of wine too. It was not a good start to a not so great day. People, honestly.

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