Bashing my head against the wall

Okay, if any of you see me out and about and notice that my head is slightly flattened, you'll know why. Lastnight I made salmon for the dogs, yes Alaskan Salmon, yummy right? Well the girls thought so and I already knew that Luke was not going to think so by his absence in the kitchen. I fed the girls and decided to doctor up his meal so he might just eat it. Typically Luke is not a fish eater; he wouldn't do so well in the wild. (Wild poodle...........hmmmm)

Anyhow, I brought the food down to His Majesty where he was propped upon his thrown and placed the salmon, quinoa, liver biscotti and lots of butter down infront of him. He pulled his legs back recoil style and left. Nice! So I proceed to do the airplane routine which worked for a while but there was no way he was eating it out of the bowl. FINE!!!! And I left to go upstairs with his uneaten food.

To my surprise he followed me, wow maybe he wanted to eat the rest. I put it on the ground and ........................................nothing. Nope, he was not eating it but Jessie was waiting as patiently as a pirahna to devour it. I picked it up and thought "hey I'll get some kibble and throw it around, maybe he'll eat that." As soon as I poured the kibble into the bowl Luke's ears went up. What? He was interested in the dogfood?

Long story short? He ate two bowls of dry dog food. Somebody shoot me.

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