Wednesday morning

Good morning, the temps are heating up here in sunny California but from what I hear they are also heating up in sunny Ontario, Canada. I love this time of year back home, the snow and ice are melting and things that have been laying dormant for months are now peeking out from beneath their captor. It is a very dirty time of year, near impossible to keep the hounds clean and perhaps this is why dirt doesn't bother me. I've had my fair share of dirty dogs to deal with over the years so I just let it slide.

Yesterday I took Jessie for a very big walk around a park we frequent that doesn't have too much grass to irritate her little feet. She is severely allergic so we must hit the spots where there is little or none. We did our big adventure and were on our way back when I noticed a gentleman standing in our path with a big ole Golden. He seemed to be waiting for me, like we were old friends and he was lingering until I could catch up.

Jessie had decided that there was alot of peemail to smell in one particular bush so I just kept an eye on this guy while she proceeded to smell her mail. We were at this one bush a good 4-5 minutes and then she was ready to move on. He stood there with a big smile on his face when what I thought he was waiting for was what he was waiting for. For some reason he decided that our dogs simply must meet; and that's when the factual part of me kicks in.

Now first let me say that Jessie is a very nice JRT; she is a breed that tends to be very domineering and very dominant to say the least. She adores humans but when it comes to canines she simply demands that they bow down to her; which as we all know doesn't always work in our favor. So that I don't have to start the long and tedious explanation each and everytime I meet someone who simply must let the dogs talk I just yell out "she's not friendly." This works wonders.

When you say something like that people tend to listen; they pull their dog back while they themselves are moving in a backward motion. Very nice. That's right step away from the Queen. :) Jessie gives her best dagger stare on the way by and we are off on our way, homeward bound. Jessie is the boss in our house, she has lived with a few different dogs in her time, dealt with several foster dogs and puppies. Her initial response is a fierce one but being 15 lbs in a world of 50 pounders I don't blame her. Plus she always has to deal with Luke.

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