Capturing k9s

I've been surfing the web this morning looking at images of dogs. As a photographer I like to see what other photographers see. Photography is very personal; both in what someone likes to photograph and what they see as a photograph. I for one am not a fan of a posed image and whether it is humans or dogs I don't like the whole "smile for the camera," idea. If I do get an image of either a dog or human looking at me, it has to be natural.

I have alot of dog images and I love going through them regularly. I have several favorites that I've pulled and kept for a special occassion. Some of my favorite subjects to shoot are dogs interacting with either other dogs or their humans. I love capturing a k9/human connection. And that is not when everyone is looking at the camera; there is no connection there.

I have caught images of babies and their dogs that are so raw, so pure that the connection is as good as it gets. Babies don't know to pose yet and dogs don't do posing. Infact when I have asked for a dog to look at me I regularly get an irritated whites of their eye look, which is a good one as well.

Looking through the hoards of photos and photo books online you can see the difference in someones eye. It is very interesting and telling of a person, to see what someone else see's as beautiful says alot. What do you see as beautiful?

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