Good Monday morning

Good Monday morning everyone. It is 6:00 am and the sun is just coming up; what a beautiful sunrise today. There are clouds whispy clouds floating around which always add to the dimension of the sky. Although a pure blue sky means beautiful sunny weather; a cloudless sky is pretty boring. I've got alot to do today and the first thing is to check on Luke's neck when he wakes up.

The dogs are all curled up on the bed, they've had their toast and will now stay in bed until I make them get up. Luke tweeked his neck again yesterday; we haven't a clue how or when but after I finished washing and waxing my new Xterra I came in the house to find my crooked boy standing with his "poor me" face on.

I immediately asked my husband if he knew what happened this time and he said he did nothing. This is obviously a chronic neck issue now, much like my own after being rear ended twice in 4 years. Just a week ago he did the samething which I am sure he did by biting his toe nails. But this morning he is already looking better. I brought the toast in at 5:00am and he was on the bed in a flash; he does love his toast with butter on it.

So I'm trying not to think about the fact that my book might arrive today. I'll be keeping myself as busy as possible. If Luke's neck is good he'll have a much needed bath and then he can dry outside in the sun while I garden. The garden has been neglected over the winter months and was calling for some attention yesterday.

Monday is always the dogs day off; they have so much activity and exercise over the weekend that at their age now they need a day just to sleep. So while they sleep I will plan my week; I have several private shoot appointments and have to get working on finishing up my training book. It is just about done and just waiting for some training images to be complete.

I'll have to hit the grocery store at some point, the dogs had chicken and beef this weekend but breakfast will finish all of that off. I cooked up a great meal for them lastnight but you'll have to check out my other blog to read about it. It is now 6:20 and time for me to get up and head to the gym. Have a great week everyone.

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