There was no bath for anyone yesterday. The clouds came over and the wind whipped up and I was not in he mood to blow out two poodles. So, we wait for a nicer, warmer day. Luke is feeling much better today and woke up in a very good mood. He obviously needed a couple of days to rest his beaten up body from the hoodlums that jumped him.

I have a big shoot planned for tomorrow, I'm very excited. But today will be catch up and working on my website. I have a ton of photos to haul out and get on there and articles to pull too. One article that I had published in a textbook is being elusive and I am having a hardtime finding it. I wrote it alongtime ago but it is an especially good one.

Ah ha, I found it. After writing that I couldn't find it I decided to check the site where I had originally posted it and sure enough, there it was. It is called Boredom Blues begone and will be on my site today. It discusses how our dogs can lead a very boring life unless we step up and stimulate their minds very much like the zoos work so hard to do for their animals. Well, at least the really great zoos.

It is our job as guardian to make sure they have stimulation for their minds as well as exercise for their body. It is amazing how a short outing can tire a dog out. Just by walking down a new street, visiting a new park or a new pet store with your dog can be very stimulating. New smells abound, new sights, new people and surroundings in general. It is very good for our dogs and actually helps to make them a better dog.

You can read the whole article on my site at

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