Maybe a bath today

I met a tall, dark and handsome guy lastnight; and I shot him ;) My shoot was very good, such a well behaved dog it only took minutes to get lots of shots off. I love meeting new dogs, getting a chance to hear a bit about them and see the connection they have with their humans, I never grow tired of it.

So what's up today? Well it's 8:45 and I'm just thinking about getting up, nice. The weather is overcast which is also nice because then I don't have to be too concerned about when the dogs get out. At the moment they are all curled up on the bed with me, Tilley is in the exact spot she was when I fell asleep lastnight and Luke and Jessie are cozied up together with Jessie enjoying the warmth of his soft blonde coat.

Luke is still limping a bit, you know after his run in with the boxer ladies? I think that if the sun comes out a bit that I will try to get all three bathed today. They need it and it is impossible during the week when the workers are here. So on my agenda today? An achy back.

Have a good one.

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