Moving on

Well, with my first book out and under my belt I am moving onto my next endeavour. I have several books on the back burner that I started years ago, one is a training book that is almost done and I will be continually working on it to get it done. But as a "text" type book it will take longer than a photo book, with proofreading etc. What I am stoked to get going is my standard poodle book.

Lastnight I decided to go through some images that I already have and get them started, I made the cover which I am extremely excited about. This book will be different from my Dogs in the OC as some will be digitally altered making them more "artsy", but not all. Adding effects to an image is really a picture to picture thing, some images just call out to me to play with them.

I hope to capture the standard poodle in it's entirety and with as many standard groups that I am in, this shouldn't be too difficult. But it is now time for a poodle call, I'll be looking for you all out there. I will probably have to travel some but I love seeing new cities. I'll also be hitting some shows as I will include the ultra groomed show poodles as well as the shaved down guys like my own.

So I will be out there looking for you and if you have a standard poodle, chances are I'll be aiming my camera at your dog. Now off to the gym.


  1. Well Sherri, if you're every back in can do a Bunny shoot!

  2. And I'd love to, maybe in the summer when I'm down so she can be in my book. I'd like to have it out for Christmas.


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