What is your inner passion

My passion is dogs, duh! There are all types of passions, frankly there are as many passions as there are people. My passion is a general one meaning that anything concerning dogs appeals to me. Whereas others may be interested only in competing in frisbee, or making movies with dogs or training search and rescue dogs. Pretty much anything that involves dogs, I'm interested. I am also interested in their past which is wolves and any other type of canid.

I prefer to spend time doing many different things with my dogs rather than choose one sport type event and commit to that. I like to get around and dabble in it all. I attended several frisbee events with Tilley but found the wait for the minutes of fun with your dog to be tedious. As amazing as she was as a frisbee dog I thought we could better utilize our time together. Most sports are like this, even worse when you get to the competitive stage.

I use to show in the conformation ring, samething. Wait all day for your one shot at glory although with competition does come glory. It is all about the glory no matter what type of competition you are in. I remember winning and winning big; both in the Junior handling ring and the regular conformation, I had boxes of rosette ribbons and trophies and not long ago they all got tossed as we tried to lighten our lives from the boxes of material objects one tends to collect over the years.

I discovered that I am much happier spending my time with my dogs walking, hiking or simply chilling. I love meeting other dogs, hearing about them and learning how they enrich their guardians lives. I love to photograph, write about, groom and otherwise immerse myself in the world of dogs. My passion can be fulfilled by the mere discussion of dogs and does not always need to be a hands on deal. I do alot of research; anything I haven't heard of concerning dogs and I'm on it.

So what is your passion? Your true passion that if taken away, you would no longer be you?

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  1. Good post. I love the photo of you with your guys as well!

    Cheers, Kim


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