On or Off the couch????

The big debate; "should I let my dogs on the sofa?" And the answer is yes and no depending on your dog. This is one of the most common questions and one that can make or break your relationship with your dog. My rule of thumb about couchdom is "when I say so," meaning that only when and if I say you can come up, you can come up. But we have a slightly different rule in our home and it is all due to Luke.

Luke is a digger, a fluffer of comfyness. About 70% of the time he fluffs madly and then makes his ritual 12 spins before laying down. Now I don't know about you but I'm not real keen on having him fluff my leather or fabric furniture. He has ruined I don't know how many dog beds which then are flipped over until he ruins the otherside. So my rule is only because of this digging fool and really has nothing to do with the whole "dogs on the couch." They use to be on the couch until his digging got worse and we got new furniture and before that it was always "only when I say so."

Many dogs will growl or posture if you try to move them off the couch, afterall they are sitting in your spot which is the ultimate position. But they think you are trying to take their spot. That is when things have to change drastically, and off they go. Dogs like this should never be allowed on the furniture, and that is specifically so you can take back your status of "leader of the pack." If you allow your dog to have the best seat and not be moved because everyone is afraid of your snarling canine then guess who really is the boss?

It's all about manners, manners, manners. So if your dog get's off when you ask and has no guarding of the spot or status seeking behavior over the couch then simply implement the "ask first" rule. It will work out best for everyone and you won't have your dog sitting ontop of your next guest in your home either.

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