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Yesterday I spent the entire day transforming a garden I have. I also wanted to put in a very casual type patio so that we could put a couple of chairs there. When we moved into this home the garden was completely filled with death and rock hard dirt. There wasn't a living thing in the garden which had obviously at one point been some sort of either veggie or flower garden. Being that our yard is already consumed by a good percentage of concrete I did not want to eliminate grass run area for the dogs.

So the above image shows you how we were able to obtain a patio type area without taking away any "dog area." The garden has always been off limits to the dogs as there is no need for them to be in there, besides fresh turned dirt leads to digging. I love spending time puttering outside with the dogs and they enjoy it just as much. Luke spent the entire day helping me dig and supervising my every move pretty much. Each hole that is dug must be inspected by him and each plant that is put in gets the once over before it is put into the ground.

Tilley spent her day sitting beside me and shadow chasing. She stays in the yard wherever I am but does her chasing back and forth, always sure to check in every so often with a gentle poke and off she goes again. By the end of the day Luke was growing tired and weary of his supervisor position and decided to try to fluff the lawn for somewhere to lay. After much frustration I went and got him an outdoor dog bed which he quickly curled up on to further his watch.

Spending all day outside is both tiring for myself and the dogs. Dogs typically spend a great part of their day sleeping so an entire day awake can take alot out of them, especially when they have a key role like Supervisor. ;)

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