The comfort zone

I was awaken this morning by the rain, it was coming down like cats and dogs. But now the sky seems to be clearing and the rain has stopped. The dogs are again wedged up against my legs making it impossible to even budge an inch. When they get a comfy spot they are none to willing to give it up. They do love their comforts. It always amazes me when people find it so strange that dogs like comfort. Like us they know what feels good and what doesn't.

Often a dog will lay on a hard floor by choice; typically this is due to the temperature and not the comfort level. Given the choice between a hard floor or a bed they will almost always choose a bed. Even Mr. Fussy; Luke who does not like to share a bed has taken to sleeping on the really big bed I have in the kitchen. He use to lay in the livingroom which is around the corner. He does not like when the other dogs try to lay on the same bed as him; he doesn't like all the walking around him while he is on the bed.

Normally he would get up and huff away if one of the girls was trying to get cozy near him. Although he regularly digs and tosses the bed everywhere even when they are already asleep on it. The other day he really ticked off Jessie, she was nice and comfy on the kitchen bed when Luke decided he would like to lay there as well. He started to dig; digging Jessie along with the rest of the bed she let him know right away that she was not okay with being dug up.

When I bring home a new bed it takes a matter of seconds for someone to nab it. They know exactly what beds are for and even though there may be great carpet with a plush underpad they go for the bed. Dogs deserve comfort just as much as we do; even young dogs. But that is where you have to be smart; young dogs also like to devour beds and can put you into the poor house by methodically destroying each new bed you buy. So if you have a young bed destructor; stick to the old blankets until they understand and respect the meaning of a good bed.

As dogs age; beds become even more important. Once down and settled it can take an old dog a long while to muster up the desire to get out of their bed. This means you have done well in your bed purchase. My old girl Tilley has started to use a bed that I purchased sometime ago. The bed was not a big hit to start off with, it is soft but the fabric is a bit stiff, not the fuzzy type. Even poodles like a fuzzy faux fur bed; it is their favorite. I put this new not so great bed in the corner of the familyroom room; sort of behind a chair making it seem cave like. She has really taken to this bed and I often cannot find her in the day when she has fallen deep asleep back there. She has specifically chosen the location over bed preference; there is peace and quiet back there.

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