Our k9 evolution

It's Tuesday and the sun is shining but apparently only today; they are calling for clouds and rain tomorrow. And although I do love a good downpour, we are painting the house so I'm hoping it will stay away for a couple more days. The dogs have been getting out alot for walks and I find myself doing alot of comtemplating of late. As I watch all the people out with their dogs I am noticing that there are alot of old dogs.

Funny how you notice things more when you are dealing with the the same issues in your own life. I haven't seen a whole lot of puppies recently; perhaps that is right around the corner with spring and all. I am often thinking of the dogs in my past, how they were different than the dogs I have today, how I was different than who I am today. I use to beat myself up for the things I didn't know way back then, but I have long ditched that philosophy; replacing it with live and learn.

So many times when I introduce someone to positive training methods they are upset with how they have been treating their dog. "Sherri, if I'd only known," is what they usually say. And then I address the guilt; "you cannot feel guilty for something that you did not know." It is far better to learn and move on than to dwell on what you have done in the past. Yes it is too bad that we don't come out knowing everything but life is an evolution of yourself. I wish I had known back then what I know now, but the fact is I didn't.

You cannot force evolution, it happens overtime if and only if someone is open to change. There are people who will never change, they are stuck and like the way things are. But for those who are open and willing to learn; evolution is never ending. I am a huge advocate for research; listening to what others have to say. Take what you agree with; learn from it and toss the old. Each dog that passes through out life has been involved in our evolution. So far my guys have done a pretty good job; but they are not near done yet. ;)

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