The greyhounds

Good Saturday morning; well I sure slept in this morning. I was awaken early by Luke nuzzling by my head so we snuggled until we both fell asleep once again. Having had several weeks of up and at'm very early we all needed a good sleep in. The weather couldn't be better for me, cool with some clouds which makes for great gardening weather.

I have been photographing alot of greyhounds lately for my up and coming book. The images are spectacular which is not hard with a sighthound. I have to say that over the years I have yet to meet a greyhound that I didn't love. If you are ever considering the addition of another dog; do check out the rescue greys. They are some of the most sensitive and loving dogs I've met.

It is sad that before the rescue group interventions these wonderful dogs were once cast out and euthanized but now there are so many rescue groups that take these dogs in, rehabilitate and rehome. Greyhounds make wonderful pets; seems that you just can't have one though. Rescue greyhound guardians are simply smitten by these guys and it's not hard to see why.

A racing greyhound is a work of art physically, a super athlete in every sense of the word. The sheer size of their back legs is amazing. Their movement is easy and their gate can explode into powerful burst of speed in a split second. Although these dogs all come from the track they all have a different story. Some just didn't make the cut, some had a very short racing career and others were the super stars who have passed their prime.

No matter what their story, most have a happy ending due to the dedicated rescuers of the racing hounds.

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  1. Did you know that it was actually track personnel and trainers back in the 70's who first started the adoption of greyhounds as pets?

    Interesting little nugget ARA's don't like people to know :)


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