We sat on the deck this morning with the dogs enjoying the sound of birds and the suns warmth just coming up. I know the dogs enjoy it as much as we do. The quiet has them listening so carefully that every little noise seems to lift their ears. The sun warms them in the cool air.

I went in to get my camera to shoot Jessie resting her head on Tilley's warmer body. Her darker hair attracts the sun which attracts Jessie. You just know how good the warmth of the sun feels on their senior bodies. With the cool air they can enjoy the full benefit from the sun without over heating, very nice.

Luke gets in the way alot when I'm trying to capture an image. He is use to it being all about him alot of the time. So when I get out the camera he gets into position. Sometimes it is difficult getting him out of the way, he doesn't quite get it when it's not all about him. But being able to place him and ask him to stay helps a huge amount. And then of course I always snap one of him.

Above is the girls enjoying the sun and Luke waiting his turn to be shot.

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