Learning to walk again

This morning my hubby decided to take Luke for a run in the canyon. As I've said before Tilley has been retired from "the runs." If he is going only for a walk Tilley can accompany them but this morning was the power run. So I decided to take the ole' girls to the park. Jessie has to walk in very specific areas because she is very allergic to grass so we find park areas with little grass if possible.

Off we went; me walking and I mean walking the girls. We got to the park and it is obvious immediately; I have to completely learn this walking thing again. I am known as a speed walker, I am usually on a mission and see no reason to dilly dally walk. My kids are always telling me to slow down so now with Tilley slowing down I have no choice; she just doesn't keep up. Jessie is fine and flies when I need her to although she does have a tendency to sniff for unreasonable amounts of time. You know; each blade of grass, up one side and down the other, geesh.

So not only has Tilley been retired from "the runs," she has physically made me readjust my walking. I have to admit I have a very hardtime walking slow, it drives me mad at a mall when people walk slowly in front of me. For this I have to walk slow, there is no choice. I counted today and it is pretty much one step per second, that's really slow.

Things are really changing around here and we all have to adjust. This will give me more time to stop and smell the roses; what we should all be doing more of.

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