Sunny Saturday morning

Can't complain about the weather this morning, beautiful sunshine, cool breeze and the birds are chirping.....................................but I'll be complaining this afternoon if the temps reach the forecasted high 80s into the 90s. I love the cool weather, it is the best dog weather. This weekend is the big OC Pet Expo; I've attended every year with my camera but this one I'm missing out on. I've got lots of specific breeds to shoot for my upcoming books.

I had the chance to meet a half a dozen dogs yesterday; all were amazing. Not only were they all gorgeous but adorable on the inside. To be honest I have never met an ugly dog; I don't care what they look like they are all beautiful to me. From the most prestigious show dog to the unknown mixtures they are all wonderful. When I'm doing a shoot it is the eyes I'm looking at; those expressive eyes. And yesterday some very amazing eyes caught my eye.

Capturing a look thrills me; to see a dog who is so expressive with their eyes is a photographers dream; and as a behavior specialist it is magic. And to the plain ole' dog lover in me I just love it. There are so many different personalities; the shy, the outgoing, the obnoxious, fearful, anxious, mellow, nervous and the social butterflies. Every dog is so different; and I love meeting them all. Honestly what better job could one have?

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