Should you have more than 1?

Should you have more than one dog? My answer is a huge YES. Why? I think it is very important for dogs to have canine companionship as well as human. As great as we are and we are great aren't we? We just don't cut it in the dog department. I like that my dogs have each other, I enjoy having a pack of dogs and suspect I always will.

But, and this is a huge BUT; you must want more than one dog to have more. I do not think you should get a second dog because your dog wants one. If you do not want one then you should not get one for your dog. I'm sorry but your dog is not going to take care of it in anyway other than companionship. There will be two piles to pick up everyday, two dogs to feed, two dogs shedding (not mine), etc etc.

More than one dog is harder to control, there is the whole pack mentality thing that happens. They have disputes that need attending to and it is very important to give them one on one time with you. Otherwise you can end up on the outside of the pack looking in with no control. I love pack dimension, I thrive on it. So for me a larger pack would suit me fine.

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