Where did the weekend go? It's already Sunday evening and I have yet to write a weekend blog; sorry folks. I don't even know what I did yesterday, oh ya we shopped for new outside lights. Then watched the hockey game. Ducks won over the Sharks 5-2. Today was spent on bathing dogs, brushing and just hanging out. We had a crazy rushing week so it was nice to just chill.

Luke went for a big run today with his Dad and on return the girls gave him the once over. It's really cute to see them sniffing him to see where he went and greeting him home once again. Even though they adore each other and are very much a pack they have their occasional squabbles, but squabbles is as far as it goes. We have never had a full out fight with this pack, but they do have disagreements. So what do you do when there is a disagreement?

The best advice is to stop it, quickly and calmly and stay very non emotional about the whole situation. Like with children, it is over very quickly. I remember years ago; my Mother telling me to never get involved in a fight my children have with friends. The kids get over it within a short time and the parents if involved remain angry. This is so true. So you take steps to resolve piece and your job is done. Other than making sure that no one is continually causing problems, just react and go back to life as normal. That's what our dogs do.

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