You're grounded

Well the girls are officially grounded, yep they've had the stool pulled out from them literally. Not too long ago I bought a nice small ottoman or foot stool for the girls to use as a step to get up onto the bed. It took a while for my pea brain to figure out that at this age they should not be up on the bed. But my heartstrings got the better of me and I felt bad that they couldn't get up anymore. Jessie actually hasn't been able to get up onto the bed since we got this monstrous Kingsized beast.

Just this morning as I was getting ready to take the dogs out; Jessie launched herself off the bed like the little rocket that she is and hurt her leg. I am very lucky that she is built like a tank and rarely get's physically injured from anything. She's one tough cookie. So as I watched her walk it off I thought to myself "that's it." No more bed for the girls. I've been lifting them down now since we got the bed but I can't be sure that I will always be there for them and they could get very seriously injured.

Luke is another entity entirely; I'd like to keep him off because I don't want him to be getting hurt either but the last time he couldn't get up on the bed he had numerous seizures. He is a creature of habit and when we first got our bed they brought the wrong box spring, we all stood and roared laughing at the height. There was no way the dogs or us for that matter could get up there easily. So Luke's bed jumping was ended for a couple of very long and tough weeks until the correct sized box spring came.

He will let me hoist him down which is a surprise in itself; he is such a nervous ninny. But if I let him know that I will be lifting him down he is very good about it. The girls will be allowed on the bed in the morning while we have our coffee and then the stool will be pushed away so that they can't get up.

Yes there are alot of changes in our lives lately; that's life.

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