Dog day afternoon

I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday looking for some new dog beds without any luck. Nope, I found a couple of nice ones but they would not have matched my decor; hey if I'm going to have beds strewn around my house they may as well match if I can get them. So, I will have to head out again on my search.

What I did get yesterday was a tiny throw rug that is perfect for Luke. There is one spot in our house where Luke is always wiping out. It is the doorway between the kitchen and the diningroom; the flooring goes from tile to wood and when he gets going; I mean really going he can't make the turn. Just on Tuesday he took a full spread eagle splat and hurt his leg so my shopping journey yesterday was to find a non slip rug for that particular spot and I got it. We'll see if it helps.

Speaking of Luke; he is very much a creature of habit, he likes the way things are and likes to keep them the same. He enjoys routine and one of his routines is that if I am in the kitchen cooking he is outside on the double lounge. This way he can keep his eye on me, the backyard and the comings and goings of everyone else. So lastnight I was making dinner and he was out on his lounge; yes we call it his being that he spends the most time on it. Anyway I was making dinner when he abruptly jumped off the lounge and came in with a look on his face. I looked around to see what was up and realized it was getting pretty breezy and cool; it wasn't cozy out there anymore.

As Luke was leaving the kitchen I asked him if he would like a blanket. He stopped dead in his tracks; those huge ears of his held high and he proceeded outside to wait. I went and got a blanket for him, he jumped up on the lounge and I covered him up. I know my dogs understand alot; I talk to them constantly and try to teach them new words all the time but this even surprised me. Mind you my dogs do enjoy blankets; all of them. And seeing that there was a blanket on the lounge the girls joined him and got covered up as well. Check out the images.

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