Fleas and ticks

Engorged tick; after feasting on your dog

Ah tis the season for the dreaded fleas and ticks. I hate the little critters; infact fleas and ticks are one thing that can make me go mad and if I happen to see one of either I'm on it so fast your head would spin. Flea? Tick? get my glasses. If you suspect a flea or two or you have ticks be very aware before you reach for the pesticides. These products that came out years ago; are they safe? I don't think so.

Who knows what long term effects these products are going to have on our pets? Dogs are now coming down with more health issues than ever before; toxic products could definitely be one of the reasons. The warning labels on these products say "keep away from children, wash your hands with hot water and soap after using and do not inhale and yet we put it right on our dog to be absorbed through their skin. And what about the pill you can give your dog to kill fleas and ticks along with heartworm, yikes. The moment I heard about this product I could not believe it. Think please before giving your dog a pill or putting something on their skin. What can be in a pill that is strong enough to kill fleas and ticks that comes from within? How healthy can that be for your dogs insides?

Our dogs rely on us and us alone for their health and safety; did you know that fleas drown? That's right, a regular bath once a week or so will keep fleas in check. And one of the biggest ways to avoid fleas from hanging around your house is to vacuum, vacuum alot. Wash your dog beds and vacuum around the area where your dog sleeps. Sure it's work but in the long run it will be a whole lot safer for your dog.

And ticks, well that's a tough one. I don't know if there is a product that is safe and repels them. The problem is that the topical treatments don't repel them either. The best solution for ticks is visual inspection. Ticks drop off of shrubbery, trees and plants onto your pet so when it is tick season keep them out of the bushes. I have several hemostats, one especially for tick removal. You must grab as much of the body as you can and gently pull in the same direction they went in. Sometimes the body pulls off of the head, it is unavoidable but do your best to get the whole thing. Once out I put a match to it and flush it, wash the hemostat for the next one.

Get in the habit of going over dog with an eagle eye; you can usually feel a tick. And fleas? Well they can be difficult to catch, they always make a run for it so ya gotta be quick. Those little buggers get the scalding water routine in the sink. Fleas jump so don't let them go until enough hot water has run over them to be sure they are dead. You can see fleas and they often hang out on the stomach area; so while your dog is napping have a good look.

Pests are a part of life; extend your dogs life by not putting toxic chemicals on them. This is a great Green sit called Green Paws to check out.

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